Kenotek Anti-Insect

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Kenotek Anti-Insect is a unique cleaning product that makes removing unsightly dead bugs from your vehicle easier than ever. This innovative formula requires less agitation than other cleaners, so the risk of scratching or marring the paint is greatly reduced. Kenotek Anti-Insect goes to work on contact to loosen bugs so you can rinse them away!

Bugs. They’re the one surefire way to ruin your detailing efforts, and there’s absolutely no way to avoid them without garaging your car and walking to work! While that may work for some city dwellers, those who rely on their vehicles as daily drivers need a weapon in the war against bug guts. Kenotek Anti-Insect loosens even stubborn, dried-on bug guts so you can wash them away with ease.

Kenotek Anti-Insect tackles the toughest contaminants—like bugs and sap—that plague your vehicle after a trip down the highway. With its simple spray and wipe formulation, you can forego the harsh scrubbers and inevitable scratches that come along with them! Kenotek Anti-Insect even leaves your pre-existing protection product in place! Forget about aggressive scrubbers and wax-stripping formulas and turn to the safe and effective cleaning power of Kenotek Anti-Insect.

33.8 oz.

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