GYEON Q2 Mohs Lite Box - 50 ml

GYEON Q2 Mohs Lite Box - 50 ml Discontinued

Meet the flagship coating of the GYEON line - GYEON Q2 MOHS

GYEON Q2 MOHS brings professional level results and ease of application to a perfect balance. As the flagship coating of the GYEON line, GYEON Q2 MOHS boast exceptional performance with self-cleaning attributes that help maintain the fresh look of MOHS throughout its lifespan. Combined with stunning gloss and energetic hydrophobics, the thick and durable layer of GYEON Q2 MOHS demonstrates the lowest shrinking parameters of its class. This keeps the layer between your delicate paint and harmful contamination even thicker. GYEON Q2 MOHS does not exceed 5% and leaves nearly a 0.2-micron thick layer of protection.

THICK! GYEON Q2 MOHS produces a thick layer of protection with minimal shrinkage!
As opposed to a majority of comparable coatings GYEON Q2 MOHS presents the lowest shrinkable parameters. Most coatings shrink 0.2 up to 0.03 microns during the curing process. GYEON Q2 MOHS does not exceed 5% and only shrinks an average of 0.01 microns when fully cured.

DURABLE! GYEON Q2 MOHS maintains its performance throughout the lifespan of the application!
Durability is one of salient merits of GYEON Q2 MOHS. Itís able to maintain 80% of its original hydrophobic properties and last on the paint for a minimum of 12 months. When compared to the short 3Ė6-month lifespan of a wax or sealant, GYEON Q2 MOHS takes the win in durability.

SELF-CLEANING! Dirt and grime roll right off the protective shell of MOHS!
GYEON Q2 MOHS has yet another features that proves itís superiority to traditional protection products. Along with its impeccable hydrophobic properties it also is extremely resistant to bonding contamination. This feature allows the hydroponics to assist in keeping the surface clean and all by itself!