Griots Garage Drying Towel

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The Griots Garage Drying Towel is a waffle weave drying towel designed to be insanely absorbent and safe for paint. This huge towel measures in a 25 inches by 35 inches, meaning you can dry our vehicle, no matter how big it is, without constantly swapping out towels. The Griots Garage Drying Towel provides a safe, effective way to dry your vehicle so that you can avoid water spots caused by water drying on the surface.

Drying your car is a completely necessary part of your car wash routine. Without properly drying your vehicle, you’ll notice water spots when it finally dries. Even if you’re hose is hooked up to a filtrations system, there are many other factors that can contribute to unsightly water spots, like your wash soap itself or washing your vehicle out in the sun. The easiest way to avoid those spots is to thoroughly dry your vehicle with the Griots Garage Drying Towel after each wash.

The Griots Garage Drying Towel is BIG! At 25 x 35 inches, this towel has a thirst that’s even bigger than that. The waffle weave texture creates more surface area to soak up more water, so you can get your car dry faster than ever before. The silky soft edging helps eliminate the risk of scratching paint while drying, and convenient pockets on each end of the towel make it easier t reach across larger vehicles without losing grip. The Griots Garage Drying Towel is the perfect drying towel for your car, truck, SUV, or van!

25 x 35 inches

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