FLEX Cordless Tool Battery Charger

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Keep your batteries charged and your paint shining!

“Smart” charger – prevents overcharging

Fan cooling system for efficient usage

LCD Display

The FLEX Cordless Tool Battery Charger was developed using the most advanced technological battery design available on the market today. Thanks to this “smart” battery charger, your FLEX Cordless Batteries will not be in danger of overcharging, reverse polarity, and the slow-draining that can be caused by other lithium ion battery chargers. Don’t let your cordless power juice run low – keep your FLEX Cordless Batteries charged with the FLEX Cordless Tool Battery Charger!

FLEX Cordless Tool Battery Charger features:
• Less Recourse Waste – Featuring a high energy transition rate and low energy self-consumption, the FLEX Cordless Tool Battery Charger leaves less recourse waste.
• LCD Display – The large LCD display prominently featured provides accurate data on current charging status.
• Electronic Management System (EMS) – The EMS provides protection to both the battery and the tool which in turn strengthens the battery and tool life overall.

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