Dodo Juice Supernatural Ferro Lube 500 ml

Dodo Juice Supernatural Ferro Lube 500 mlDiscontinued

The first step in creating a flawless finish is establishing a contaminant free base. Ferrous particles from brake pads, rail dust, and other iron materials pierce the surface of your vehicle every day and they’ll stay there until you physically remove them. Removing them isn’t just important for a smooth finish either, it can help prevent serious (and expensive!) clearcoat failure later on. Once you realize how important paint decontamination is, figuring out the best plan of attack is the next step. Traditionally, detailers spray on an iron remover, rinse it off and then begin claying the vehicle with a separate clay lubricant, but why take two steps to do what can be one in just one step?

Essentially, Dodo Juice Supernatural Ferro Lube is a special formulation with the iron removing properties of Dodo Juice Ferrous Dueller, and the super-slick lubricating power found in Dodo Juice Born Slippy. Dodo Juice Supernatural Ferro Lube goes to work on contact breaking down ferrous particles on the surface of your vehicle—you can see it change colors when it makes contact with iron. After a few moments of dwell time, start claying and your vehicle will be smooth and ready for polishing!

500 ml.