Duragloss Marine RV Black Streak Eliminator #581

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Quickly removes black streaks from fiberglass and paint!

Safe for fiberglass, metal, and painted surfaces.

Will not remove durable waxes or sealants.

Not for use on polished aluminum.

Duragloss Marine & R/V Black Streak Eliminator #581 is a professional strength formula designed to gently remove black streaks with little or no rubbing. Black Streak Eliminator is safe to use on fiberglass, metal and painted surfaces and will not remove durable waxes or sealants. Black streaks running down the sides of boats and RVs are caused by run-off from the dirt, mildew, grime, bird droppings, fallen leaves and other contaminants that accumulate, then decay and are washed off the roofs and bimini tops during light rains and heavy dew. Regular cleaning of your RV's roof, especially just before the rainy season starts, will go a long way towards eliminating the cause of black streaks. Once black streaks have occurred, Duragloss Marine & R/V Black Streak Eliminator #581 should be your first and only choice to remove streaks and restore the clean, pristine appearance of your boat or RV.

22 oz. trigger spray

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