Mytee 8400DX Dry Upholstery Tool

Mytee 8400DX Dry Upholstery Tool Discontinued

The new Mytee Dry™ is unlike any upholstery tool on the market with a unique Comfort Grip handle that eliminates strain to the wrist and a durable stainless steel glide that allows for fluid back-and-forth cleaning motions. The easy-access adjustable flow valve makes the Mytee Dry™ perfect for any cleaning job, from automotive detailing to upholstery cleanings. Patent pending. 

Mytee 8400DX Dry Upholstery Tool makes a quicker drying time
The Mytee 8400DX Dry Upholstery tool removes dirt and grime easily, but is gentle enough to use on delicate fabrics.
The clear cover lets you see how much dirt is being removed
The clear cover allows you to see how much dirt and grime you are pulling up, letting you keep track of progress.

Use it For:

• Automotive detailing. Easily clean headliners, seats, and car mats without soaking!
• Upholstery. Sofas, pillows, chairs – the Mytee Dry™ can do it all.
• Mattresses. Quick drying times make mattress cleaning a breeze.
• Curtains. Gentle enough for delicate fabrics.


• New soft-feel Comfort Grip for reduced operator strain.
• Nylon housing for a strong and lightweight, user-friendly tool
• Clear top allows user to see dirt and grime being extracted
• Easy-access adjustable flow valve
• Sleek design eliminates valve lever catching on fabrics
• 4” stainless steel glide eliminates overspray and dripping
• Increased airflow and faster drying times 
• Spray bar with 22 individual spray orifices for even spray pattern. No more streaking!
• New Snap-n-Lok™ Cuff Lynx™ makes for easy solution hose replacement
• New vacuum relief valve allows you to reduce suction power for more delicate fabrics
• Built in hose swivel

Mytee 8400DX Dry Upholstery Tool includes:
  • Mytee Carrying Pack made of water resistant, closed-cell neoprene material
  • Mytee kneeling foam pad
  • 15ft. flexible Hose-n-Hose
  • Cuff-Lynx™ Hose Connector
  • 1.5″ vinyl cuff barb to barb fitting
  • Preinstalled, High Velocity Glides for edge and piping cleaning enhancement
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