Dodo Juice Clearly Menthol Glass Cleaner Concentrate

Dodo Juice Clearly Menthol Glass Cleaner Concentrate Discontinued

Glass cleaning sprays are normally detergent, or vinegar based - and cheap as the chips you could probably use them on. But industrial strength glass cleaners are jam-packed with alcohol for a smear-free finish. That's what the pros use, so that’s what DODO Juice made.The result is Clearly Menthol – a minty mouthwash colored glass spray that cleans glass and leaves a sparkling, residue-free finish. It must work... It 'topped the test scores' in the Auto Express glass cleaner test (22.05.13) and got a Commendation. Then in 2015 Clearly Menthol went and got a 5 star rating and Best Glass Cleaner Award from Auto Express. Since then, it's always been one of their favorites. Use it inside your car and outside, on standard or tinted windows.

Use it inside your house for cleaning mirrors and windows. In fact, use it anywhere there's something glass-like.

250 ml.