CarPro MetalliCut

CarPro MetalliCut  <font color=red>Coming Soon!</font>CarPro MetalliCut is a uniquely formulated metal polish designed to both remove scratches and oxidation from your metal surfaces, but also polish them to a high shine. Featuring diamond and diminishing abrasives, CarPro MetalliCut cuts (no pun intended!) your metal detailing time in half! CarPro MetalliCut is easy to use, safe to use, and provides stellar results each time.

CarPro MetallCut features:

• Versatility CarPro MetalliCut was designed to do the work of two products. One, to remove surface scratches, oxidation, and staining. And two, to polish to a high shine. And to top it all off, CarPro MetalliCut is safe for use on virtually ALL metal surfaces including aluminum, stainless steel, chrome, and other soft metals!