Britemax Interior Dressing Natural Gloss

Britemax Interior Dressing Natural GlossDiscontinued

Britemax Interior Dressing is a highly effective protection spray designed to help maintain the many interior surfaces of your vehicle. This biodegradable formula is safe and gentle, yet forms a durable protective layer on delicate surfaces. Britemax Interior Dressing helps you to maintain the like-new looks of your interior.

A clean interior is great, but all of your efforts will be for nothing if you don’t protect it too! The interior of your vehicle may not take the brunt of exposure to the elements like your paint does, but it still has a hard life. Extreme temperature fluctuations, body oils, and pet residues are only a few of the many challenges facing your vehicle’s interior on a daily basis. A reliable protectant like Britemax Interior Dressing will help keep your interior looking new for the long haul.

Britemax Interior Dressing provides a natural sheen for your vinyl, leather, and rubber surfaces. This silicone-free formula is anti-static and non-greasy, so it won’t attract dirt like lesser formulas can. Britemax Interior Dressing is perfect for use on vinyl trim, dashboards, tires, moldings, bumpers, and more – a simple spray and wipe is all that it takes!

24 oz.