Original Packaging Dodo Juice Light Fantastic Soft Wax - 30 ml.

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Fantastically light wax for light colored vehicles!

Contains pure carnauba wax and coconut oil extracts.

Pure brilliant shine on whites, silvers, Earth-tones, and metallic paints.

Can be applied by hand or foam applicator.

Nimble, light, and just right!

Dodo Juice Light Fantastic is designed to be just right for your light-colored paint. Made with white beeswax, coconut oils, and free of any color additives. Dodo Juice Light Fantastic brings out the impossible pop in white paints, along with other light colors. Dodo Juice Light Fantastic is a soft wax that spreads on to paint easily and hazes within just a few minutes. Once buffed off, you’re left with a highly hydrophobic shine. The “light” in Dodo Juice Light Fantastic is more than just the paint colors, it’s about the formulation itself. Dodo Juice Light Fantastic isn’t made without any harsh solvents, like modern hybrid waxes or sealants, which makes it a perfect choice for PPF (Paint Protection Film). And because there’s no dye, you can use it on any color paint!

30 ml.

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