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BLACKFIRE Heavy Cut Aluminum Polish

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Item Description:

This pre-polish takes dull, chalky and spotted aluminum to a uniform, satin finish.

The first step in reconditioning aluminum surfaces.

Designed to remove heavy oxidation, discoloration and stains on non-clear coated, polished aluminum surfaces. 

Also excellent on copper, brass, chrome, stainless steel and can be used to remove hairline scratches and restore gloss in gel coats. 

BLACKFIRE Heavy Cut Aluminum Polish is designed to restore weathered, chalky, dull, and spotted bare metals. It can be used with great results on aluminum, brass, copper, magnesium, and blended metals. As step 1 in the BLACKFIRE Metal Polishing System, BLACKFIRE Heavy Cut Aluminum Polish removes surface rust from chrome and stains from stainless steel. It's the first step in restoring a mirror-shine to bare metals.

This is the workhorse of the BLACKFIRE Metal Polishing System. This is the polish that does the heavy correction. If we were working on paint, this product would be called a compound. Technically, BLACKFIRE Heavy Cut Aluminum Polish is a pre-polish. It's to be used before a gloss-restoring polish. It creates a uniform, SATIN finish ready for "Step Two", gloss polishing. It quickly removes surface rust from chrome and will buff out harsh stains in stainless steel. This is an ammonia-based paste, packed with diminishing-abrasives, formulated to stick to vertical surfaces to make large panel polishing quick and easy.

BLACKFIRE Heavy Cut Aluminum Polish is designed to deliver the best results when buffed with an Acrylic Wool Pad on a rotary polisher.


Blackfire Heavy Cut Aluminum PolishDirections:

For maximum cut, apply BLACKFIRE Heavy Cut Aluminum Polish with an Acrylic Wool Cutting pad. Apply the compound directly to the metal surface with a microfiber applicator pad. Then polish using firm pressure at 1,500 rpm. Work a 2-3 sq. ft. section at a time. The compound will first turn black. Wipe off residue and inspect when compound begins to turn clear. If surface has a uniform, satin finish, continue to the next area. If spotting, staining or surface irregularities are still visible, repeat the polishing procedure.

BLACKFIRE Heavy Cut Aluminum Polish can also be applied with a dual-action orbital polisher. Follow the instructions above but use maximum speed (speed 6) and firm pressure. The results will take longer to achieve. Pre-polishing should leave the finish with a uniform, satin finish. You are now ready for Step Two, polishing with BLACKFIRE Fine Cut Aluminum Polish to create a high gloss finish.

Metal refinishing is messy work. Wear appropriate clothing and eye protection. Clean the pad frequently for best results.

16 oz.

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BLACKFIRE Heavy Cut Aluminum Polish