McKee's 37 Power Wash

McKee’s 37 Power WashDiscontinued

McKee’s 37 Power Wash is a highly concentrated, super powerful soap that effectively removes the nastiest road grime from all exterior surfaces without compromising even the most delicate wax finish. In fact, this amazing soap adds real carnauba protection to extend your protection and increase your shine. Engineered cleaners and surfactants allow McKee’s 37 Power Wash to penetrate and lift dirt, grime, brake dust, oil film, fresh tar and insect remains from the surface without scratching. If it needs to get clean it needs McKee’s 37 Power Wash.

Most aggressive soaps are either acidic or alkaline to facilitate the quick removal of stubborn grit. These aggressive chemicals work well for cleaning, but will quickly strip your wax or sealant protection. McKee’s 37 Power Wash is tough on dirt, but gentle to the surface so it will not harm existing protection. Formulated with real carnauba wax, McKee’s 37 Power Wash doesn’t just protect paint, it bathes paint with a warm shine and increased water beading!

McKee’s 37 Power Wash is super concentrated. Just 1-2 ounces of soap will create a mountain of highly-lubricated suds in a 5-gallon wash bucket. This high-foaming formula penetrates and lifts dirt off the surface, replacing your grime with glossy wax. This gives you two weapons against wash-induced swirl marks - the dirt is encapsulated and slides over the freshly waxed surfaced. This wash and wax is extremely free rinsing. It will not leave soap scum or streaks behind.

Don’t just use McKee’s 37 Power Wash in a bucket. This highly-lubricated formula excels when used with a Foam Cannon HP or Foamaster Foam Gun. It will create a frothy foam that clings to the exterior of car, pre-soaking and lifting dirt even further. Don’t just wash your car, Power Wash it with the highly-advanced McKee’s 37 wash and wax formula.

16 oz.