Dr. Beasley’s PlasmaCoat - 4 oz.

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PlasmaCoat is the answer to a question that other manufacturers haven’t even begun to ask yet: “How can we eliminate all health and environmental concerns caused by sealants and waxes?” Waxes and polysealants use heavy solvents in their formulations which emit harmful chemicals called VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). These compounds lead to serious long term health and environmental problems.

Dr. Beasley’s knew we needed a paint protection product without these VOCs, and that meant completely rethinking what a paint protection product looks like. So Dr. Beasley’s set about designing a water based coating formulated with multifunctional plasma technology. The end result isn't a wax, and it isn't a polysealant. It's plasma. And this nano coating is 100% VOC Free.

Even though they went well out of our way to make sure that this product is safe, in no way did they sacrifice performance. After all, it’s their mission to provide the highest quality detailing products possible. So while it is the first 100% VOC free paint coating ever, it also bonds instantly and lasts for years. Quite simply, it's the most effective paint protectant there is.

Most protectants need to sit on the paint and haze before removal, and then even after the product is removed it takes 24-48 hours before the product has fully bonded to the paint. PlasmaCoat bonds the instant that it comes into contact with the paint surface. This means no more waiting around or worrying about the rain after you’ve sealed your car. The other, possibly most important, aspect of PlasmaCoats performance is its sheer durability. Paint sealants usually last about 6-8 months, and waxes only 6-8 weeks. PlasmaCoat will remain bonded to your paint for well over a year.

Most people seem to recognize that one of the main drawbacks to using polymer paint sealants is that the shine they produce can be quite flat and "mirror-like". This is a symptom of a polymer's limiting molecular structures which don't allow for optimal clarity or depth. PlasmaCoat doesn't rely on these structures and their multifunctional plasma technology allows for a very rich, satisfying shine.

4 oz.