American Detailer Garage F Bomb Multi Purpose Cleaner Concentrate

Item Description:

American Detailer Garage F-Bomb is the highly effective multi-purpose cleaner youíve been missing. This soap-based formulation eradicates all forms of contamination ranging from grease covered engine bays, bug gut ridden front ends, neglected brown tires, soiled interior surfaces, and even delicate but dirty leather. The cleaning power of F-bomb will compel you to drop an F-Bomb in awe! F-Bomb achieves this dynamic versatility with the ability to customize the cleaning power. Simply dilute F-Bomb with a multitude of recommended ratios and go!

Dilution Ratios:

  • 1:4 For neglected tires and engine bays
  • 1:10 For heavily soiled interiors, paint presoak, and bug removal
  • 1:30 For leather and light stains
  • 2:128 For smoke & tar removal on glass

32 oz.

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