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3M Rubbing Compound 05973

3M Rubbing Compound 05973Discontinued

3M Rubbing Compound -05973 is designed for the quick removal of sanding scratches, dust nibs, and other paint imperfections on fresh paint. 3M's range of compounds, polishes and glazes are the professional's choice for one simple reason: They perform. 3M Rubbing Compound -05973 is a specially designed medium cutting liquid compound that will remove 1200 grade sanding scratches on fresh paints. Detailers and enthusiasts have used this liquid compound for years to remove serious defects from their paints before polishing to a swirl-free, high-gloss shine.

3M Rubbing Compound -05973 uses advanced abrasive technology to eliminate paint defects completely with minimal haze. For best results apply 3M Rubbing Compound -05973 with a rotary polisher using a 3M Foam Compounding Pad -05706. Polish one section at a time, using moderate pressure and speed until the defects have been eliminated. Follow by applying 3M Perfect-It Machine Polish 06064 with a 3M Perfect-It II Foam Polishing Pad Glaze -39009 or 3M Perfect-It Ultra Fine Machine Polish-39062 using a 3M Perfect-It Foam Polishing Pad- 05707 for a high-gloss, swirl-free finish.

32 oz (1 quart)