3M Quick Release Adaptor, 5/8 Inch Thread - 05752

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Change double sided buffing pads in an instant!

Fits standard thread rotary polishers.

Easy to use, squeeze-and-release.

Built of chrome plated brass and stainless steel.

The 3M Quick Release Adaptor for double sided buffing pads allows you to change pads on your rotary polisher in an instant with an improved connection mechanism. This heavy duty adaptor has a 5/8 inch thread to fit a rotary/ circular polisher. Easy pad changes and durable construction guarantee worry-free buffing with double sided pads by 3M and The Edge.

To put a pad onto the adapter, verify the adapter is in the unlocked position, center the pad over the 3M quick connect adaptor and rotate it until the hexes on the pad and adapter are aligned. Then simply snap the pad firmly onto the adapter to lock the pad into place. To remove the pad from the adaptor simply pull back on the slider ring with firm pressure until it "clicks".

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