3M Custom Image Kit 08584

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The do-it-yourself solution to matte graphics!

Unlimited options for customization

Design and create your own graphic.

Easy to use.


The 3M Custom Image Kit allows you personalize your car in minutes. The Custom Image Kit offers you an easy and fun way to apply a subtle image to your car's clear coat. Simply print an image of your choice, trace it, and transfer it onto the paint using 3M abrasive technology.

Unlike car sticker decals, the 3M Custom Image Kit uses no adhesive, so there's no residue and no chemicals required for residue removal. And while car decals can fade, splinter, or peel- the matte finish image lasts as long as you like. If you decided to restore shine it won't leave behind a ghost outline of the image. The image can be removed by using the 3M Scratch Removal System PN 39071, if desired.

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