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3M Perfect-It III Cleaner Clay -38070

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Item Description:

Create a smooth surface ready for polishing or waxing!

Removes foreign contamination such as rail-dust and environmental fallout.

Blended synthetic clay is safe for even soft-clear coat finishes.

Use in a body shop to remove over-spray.

3M Perfect-It III Cleaner Clay is a paint-cleaning compound that grabs foreign particles as it glides across the paint. The particles are lightly abraded away and stick to the clay; they do not redeposit onto the surface. Your paint will feel glassy smooth and highly reflective. Used twice a year, clay can prevent paint oxidation and keep the finish looking as good as new.

Like all clay, 3M Perfect-It III Cleaner Clay works on glass and chrome, too. The nonabrasive bar is safe on any surface and it contains no harmful chemicals or solvents. The clay sits above the paint surface and pulls contaminants upward. Use any water-based lubricant to provide a slick surface for the clay to glide on. This slick layer will protect the surface from loose particles that have been removed by the clay. McKee's 37 Universal Clay Lubricant or Blackfire Clay Lubricant will provide a slick surface without deteriorating the clay bar. Cleaning your clay often with Blackfire Clay Cleaner & Extender will greatly increase its life.

7 oz.

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3M Perfect-It III Cleaner Clay -38070