3D Waterless Car Wash 128 oz.

Item Description:

Save water without sacrificing shine!

Cleans and protects paint

Biodegradable formula

Reduces water consumption

3D Waterless Car Wash is a waterless car wash formula that not only cleans your car, but leaves it glossy and protected too. This advanced formulation of nano-polymers paired with paint-safe cleansers and lubricants encapsulates light grime and dirt allowing it to be safely wiped away without using water, and without causing scratches. 3D Waterless Car Wash is the environmentally-friendly way to wash your vehicle anytime, anywhere!

Traditionally, washing your car means lugging out the hose and using upwards of 80-100 gallons of water to get the job done. With drought and other environmental concerns becoming a serious factor in everyday life, 3D has become a pioneer in the waterless wash facet of car care. For over twenty years, 3D has supplied a dependable and effective means of washing your vehicle without wasting hundreds of gallons of water: 3D Waterless Car Wash. With 3D Waterless Car Wash, just 4-6 ounces of product is all you need to get the job done!

3D Waterless Car Wash is designed to safely dissolve and encapsulate the dirt, dust, and grime that build up on your vehicle from regular driving. A quick spritz of 3D Waterless Car Wash followed by a wipe and buff with a soft microfiber towel will leave paint shiny and protected. Of course 3D Waterless Car Wash also works on non-painted surfaces, so your entire vehicle will look like new!

  1. Always work on a cool surface out of direct sunlight.
  2. If the vehicle being cleaned is caked with dirt or mud, rinse prior to using 3D Waterless Car Wash.
  3. Work in sections, starting at the top of the vehicle and working down.
  4. Spray a liberal amount onto the surface.
  5. Wipe in one direction using a soft microfiber towel folded in fourths to gently wipe away dirt.
  6. Flip the towel to a dry side and buff the surface to a shine.
  7. Change to a clean towel as needed

128 oz.

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By Tom H.
Silicon Valley, CA
Great underhood cleaner
July 6, 2021
I use this to clean under the hood of my cars

Spray it on and wipe with a microfiber

Removes light dirt and leaves a nice low gloss shine

If its filthy, I hit it with 3D APC at 1:4 ratio
Rinse then spray this on liberally and blow dry off

  • Nice smell
  • Leaves a low shine
  • Removes light dirt
  • Wont remove oil/grease use 3D APC first
By Howard
Alameda, CA
Works great
October 1, 2019
Spray it on, let it dwell for a minute (very important) and gently wipe it off in one direction. Once dirt is removed, buff to a shine. Couldn't be simpler.
By Mary B.
Burnsville MN
Loved this
August 27, 2016
This really worked well. I used it in a rinseless ratio 1/2oz : 1gl, it was trying to suds, and was very slick while using and after dry. I also used it in a QD ratio 2oz : 32oz, fast, easy wipe down, with a high gleam & smooth finish. I didn't need much product in each case. When it rained the Rinseless ratio had small beads, but the QD ratio had massive beads. Nice indeed.
  • Price , great scent, works diluted
By William
Nashville, TN
Not cost effective
August 21, 2016
Works fine, but not very cost effective compared to concentrated waterless washes.
By James S.
Coronado, CA
July 16, 2015
Great product, easy to use, great price for the amount you have to use. Will recommend to friends.