3D Nitro Seal Paint Sealant Kit

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Protect your paint with Nitro power!

Up to 12-month protection

Easy-to-use 3 step application process

All-inclusive kit

If you’ve been searching for an easy-to-use paint sealant that doesn’t require too much prep and a PH-D in detailing to apply, then 3D Nitro Seal Paint Sealant is just what you’ve been looking for! Featuring an easy 3-step application process and up to 12 months of protection, the 3D Nitro Seal Paint Sealant is perfect for both a beginner detailer looking for advancement protection and shine, as well as a professional detailer looking to add an upgrade into their package. Protect your paint, increase your shine, and keep it simple with the 3D nitro Seal Paint Sealant Kit!

3D Nitro Seal Paint Sealant Kit features:

• 3 Step Application Process – featuring 3 different steps of application, the 3D Nitro Seal Paint Sealant Kit includes an aminofunctional fluid group that allows the hybrid montan wax to adhere properly to the paint, the hybrid montan wax that provides intense shine, 2 applicators, a microfiber towel and application gloves.

• 12 Months of Protection – While carnauba waxes provide a warm, deep glow, they don’t provide extended protection. The 3D Nitro Seal Paint Sealant Kit provides both! When properly maintained, the 3D Nitro Seal Paint Sealant Kit will provide up to 12 months of protection and shine.

Directions for use:
• Ensure vehicle is properly washed and dried before starting application. Be sure to wear the included latex gloves throughout the application process.
• Apply a few drops of Part A onto the black applicator provided. Working in small sections, apply onto the paint and work around vehicle until the whole car is fully coated.
• Using the same process, immediately starting applying Part B to the paint.
• Allow a cure time of approximately 30 minutes.
• Using the provided microfiber towel, buff away the residue to reveal a shining, sealed car!

3D Nitro Seal Paint Sealant Kit includes:
• HD Nitro Seal Part A
• HD Nitro Seal Part B
• Red Applicator
• Black Applicator
• Microfiber Towel
• Pair of Latex Gloves
• Instructions Sheet

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