303 Polish - 16 oz.

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Quickly and effectively eliminates moderate paint defects

Non Dusting Formula, Produces a wax, sealant, etc. ready surface

Engineered to be used on both single stage and base clear paint systems

Removes 2000 grit scratches

303 Polish (Step 2) is engineered to remove moderate defects like light scratches and swirl marks while adding depth and clarity to your paint.


  • Shake well. For Gloss Finishes only. For best results, apply out of direct sunlight on a clean, cool, dry surface.
  • If using by hand: Use a small amount on a foam or microfiber applicator pad. Apply to one section at a time, making sure to overlap your passes. Remove excess product with a microfiber towel.
  • If using with a machine application: Dispense a small amount of product onto a clean buffing pad designed for polishing. Buff one section at a time using overlapping passes. More passes may be required for heavy defects. Remove excess polish with a clean microfiber towel. Any hard to remove polish can be removed with 303 Speed Detailer.

16 oz.

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