Zymol Natural Wool Duster

Zymol Natural Wool DusterDiscontinued

The Zymol Natural Wool Duster is the smart alternative to dirt-collecting waxes cotton. The ultra lightweight, All-Wool pelt eliminates dust with an inherent static charge that can be enhanced with a simple technique. The easy-to-hold, foot long Birch handle with a self hanging leather strap allow you to apply just the right touch up to your finish at any time.

Direction for using the Wool Duster:

1. Spin the Duster between the palms of your hands to disperse collected dust and dirt.
2. Rub the wool fibres in one direction for 5 to 10 seconds.
3. Using no pressure, glide the Duster very briskly, with only the tips of the wool, over the surface.
4. Repeat step one.