Zymol HD-Cleanse

Zymol HD-CleanseDiscontinued

Zymol HD Cleanse is a pre-wax cleanser that gently prepares the surface for application of your favorite wax or sealant. This unique, creamy formula is easy to use and immediately goes to work removing any buildup from the paint, perfectly preparing it to bond with wax. Zymol HD Cleanse removes light oxidation and scratches, along with road film and other environmental contaminants to help restore the overall look of your vehicle.

You just finished washing your vehicle, so itís ready for wax, right? WRONG! If the surface has only been washed, then the chances are high that there are still light scratches and oxidation along with tar, acid rain, road film, and other environmental contaminants left to contend with. Zymol HD Cleanse is an easy-to-apply intermediate product that removes all of that buildup, allowing your wax or sealant to properly adhere to the surface.

Zymol HD Cleanse contains cleaning agents that go to work eliminating the buildup that keeps wax from bonding to paint. Itís also rich with nourishing oils including apricot kernel, lemon seed, coconut, and Montan to renew luster as it cleans. Zymol HD Cleanse is easy to use and provides the results you need to get the most out of your wax!

8.5 oz.

  1. Always work on a surface that is clean, dry, and cool to the touch. Work out of direct sunlight.
  2. Using a clean microfiber applicator pad, apply a liberal amount of product over the surface; work an area approximately 2-3 square feet.
  3. Use medium to heavy pressure to work to product over the surface until it starts to feel tacky.
  4. Use a celan, dry microfiber towel to buff away residue.

Note: Paint treated with Zymol HD-Cleanse will be 100% clean, without any remaining wax protection. Be sure to follow up with the appropriate Zymol wax following application.