Zymol Clear Auto Bathe

Zymol Clear Auto BatheDiscontinued

Zymol Clear Auto Bathe is a luxurious auto wash that gently removes surface grime without removing wax. Featuring a unique blend of nourishing oils and spun tallow soaps, this is no ordinary car wash soap! Zymol Clear Auto Bathe allows you to pamper you vehicle’s paint with every maintenance wash performed!

Before a full detail, you want a heavy duty auto wash formula that tackles everything – even wax – but what about after the paint has been corrected when all that’s needed is a routine maintenance wash? Zymol Clear Auto Bathe, of course! Zymol Clear Auto Bathe emulsifies dirt and grime without removing previously applied waxes or sealants!

Zymol Clear Auto Bathe contains a blend of spun tallow soaps, sunflower and coconut oils, and lemon extract, creating a perfectly balanced, luxurious later for your vehicle. It does not contain any sodium solvents so it’s safe to use on your freshly waxed ride. Zymol Clear Auto Bathe takes dirt and grime to task, leaving shine and protection intact!

8.5 oz.

  1. Fill a wash bucket equipped with a Grit Guard Insert with clean, warm water
  2. Add two squirts of Zymol Clear Auto Bathe to the bucket and activate suds with a strong jet of water
  3. Wet the vehicle and begin washing using a high-quality wash mitt, working from the top down
  4. Wash one section at a time, rinsing thoroughly after the section is clean to prevent soap from drying on the surface.
  5. Repeat until the entire vehicle is clean, then dry using a Guzzler Waffle Weave Drying Towel