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Condition your pads back to perfection!

DP Polishing Pad Conditioner primes new and freshly washed pads for buffing. DP Polishing Pad Conditioner has extra lubricating ingredients so that dry buffing is not a concern. DP Polishing Pad Conditioner also helps to prevent swirls and scratches that are left behind when pads are improperly used.

PRIMES: Primes new and freshly washed pads for safe buffing.
This conditioner is packed with extra lubricating ingredients to stop dry buffing. Dry buffing happens when the pad simply drags against the surface.

LUBRICATION: Adds lubricating ingredients to stop dry buffing.
Dry buffing leads to fine swirls and scratches left behind in the paint. With DP Polishing Pad Conditioner, you get the lubrication you need for a smooth glide without marring.

LONG-LASTING: Your pads will have a longer working life.
When pads are properly taken care of, you can make them last longer. DP Polishing Pad Cleaner keeps your pads in their best shape by keeping them constantly lubricated when they touch a surface, that way they won't dry out and fall apart.


  • Spray DP Polishing Pad Condition directly on the face of new pad.
  • Work into the surface of pad before you begin to polish or compound.

16 oz.

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