Wurth Alloy Silver Wheel Paint

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Wurth Alloy Silver Wheel Paint

Wheel Paint for Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, VW, Audi

Spot Repairs or Full Wheel Restoration

Dries Quickly and is Chip Resistant


Wurth German Alloy Silver Wheel Lacquer is a fast-drying lacquer that matches the standard alloy wheel paint use by Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, VW, Audi and most other European OEMs. Wurth German Alloy Silver Wheel Lacquer can be effectively used for spot repairs or full wheel restoration.

The German design nozzle produces a fine, even spray that is easy to control and produces a near-factory finish. Wurth German Alloy Silver Wheel Lacquer dries quickly and is chip resistant. Use several very light coats and allow 30 minutes drying time between coats. The silver color coat will have a textured look and feel that provides a three dimensional effect when properly finished with a clear topcoat (use two coats of Wurth High Gloss Clear Lacquer as the final topcoat).

One can of Wurth German Alloy Silver Wheel Paint is enough product to coat two complete wheels. For the best results, use at temperatures between 70 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

12 oz aerosol spray.

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By Paul
Cottage Grove, Mn
Love this paint!
April 18, 2019
I repainted all 4 of my 1986 944 Turbo phone dial wheels with this paint and the color is spot-on. They turned out beautifully. I bought two cans but ended up only using one can for all 4 wheels. wet sanded between the silver coat and clear coat. Couldn’t be happier.
  • Fan nozzle gives good coverage. Was able to do 4 wheels with just one can. Nozzle did not clog - never had to clean it either - even after using it days apart for each application.
  • none
Western Massachusetts
Great Color, Tough to Apply
August 4, 2015
The Wurth Alloy Silver is a perfect match for lighter German alloys. It is a bit too light for most VW/Audi applications, but great for BMW/MB. The Einszett is a bit better for VW/Audi in terms of color, but appears to be a weaker/less durable paint than the Wurth, which is holding up very well so far.

A few notes:
1. The Wurth Silver does not come out smooth, but rather leaves a very course texture. Some of the silver flecks will actually wipe off by hand after the paint dries, but most will have to be sanded.
2. It is difficult to get a consistent application, so the wheels tend to look mottled if you aren't careful. My recommendation is to paint them while they are upright and then lay them down to dry. Keep and eye on color consistency to ensure even coloration and USE LIGHT COATS
3. The Wurth clear coat is fantastic. I suggest spraying the backs (insides) of the alloys so that you don't get brake dust leaking between the clear coat and silver paint. Normally, I would say to just apply the clear while the sliver is still wet to get good adherence, but the Wurth dries almost immediately.

Bottom Line: Great color and durability, but a PITA to apply.
  • Great Color
  • Very Durable
  • Dries Almost Immediately
  • Hard To Apply
  • Gritty Texture
  • Inconsistent Coverage
By Eric M.
Boston, MA
Perfect match.
April 18, 2014
Delighted that this is a perfect match for factory paint. Repaired "curb rash" on VW alloy wheel, prepped surface thoroughly and applied 3 coats of silver lacquer. Followed by 3-4 coats of clear. Wheel looks great! Thank you.
  • Exact match. Thin layers (little buildup). Perfect system for repairing "curb rash". Nozzle pattern is very good.
  • Nothing
By Ron J.
Marietta, Georgia
Good results on Porsche 16" rims
September 15, 2013
I was able to repaint two 16x6 rims for my Porsche 924S with one can of this paint. I put one more coat on the wheel faces than I did on the back side - then the can was empty. You may or may not need more paint for two larger rims. I first sanded the rims and applied a coat of primer/sealer. After sanding the primer coat I applied the color coats and followed up with a can of the Wurth clearcoat. Applying the color coat was easy as the paint sprayed evenly with no spitting. I followed the directions, shaking the can periodically and doing an occasional upside down squirt to ensure that the nozzle stayed clear. This can has a small spray nozzle button which is very uncomfortable to use. I bought a snap-on Krylon Can-Gun (see in picture) which made spraying much easier and effective. I was very satisfied with overall results.
  • Good quality, attractive proper finish (not too shiny or sparkly like other brands I've seen).
  • Tiny spray nozzle button is uncomfortable to use.
  • $22 per can seems a bit pricey but the quality is good.
  • One can "might" not be enough for two larger (>16 inch) rims if you paint the entire wheel.
By Len R.
Peabody, MA
German Silver Wheel Paint
April 1, 2012
I gave it a try but the paint just didn't match my 2011 Jetta Sportwagen alloys. It looked pretty good until I put it next to another of the wheels and it was a bit off. Someone told me you have to prime the wheel first or it won't match. Decided to have it professionally refinished. Also. it's nearly impossible to get the clearcoat on thick enough to match the glass-like factory finish. With multiple light coats, the finish was grainy and with heavier coats it ran. Beyond my talent level.
  • I'd recommend it if you were refinishing all four wheels and not trying to match your factory wheels.
  • See review.