WOWO'S Leather Cream

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PROTECTS YOUR LEATHER: Wowo’s LEATHER CREAM Provides A Strong Layer Of Protection and Supple Feel To Your Leather

RESTORES THE PORES: Just Like Dry Skin, Your Leather Needs to Be Moisturized For A Long Life In All Weather Conditions

UV RESISTANCE TO HARMFUL RAYS: Effectively Helps Your Leather Resist Fading And Cracking In Direct Sunlight

MATTE LOOK AND SMOOTH FEEL: Leaves Leather Looking and Feeling New Without The Unwanted Shine Or Oils Other Products May Leave

Wowo’s LEATHER CREAM is Step Two in the Wowo’s Leather Cleaning System! If your Leather were to go to a Spa, this is the final product it would ask for. It’s like a luxuriating massage from the best masseuse, leaving your leather looking and feeling great. Before applying Wowo’s LEATHER CREAM, we recommend giving your leather a good cleaning with Wowo’s LEATHER CLEANER.


  • Give the bottle a good shake and put some cream onto an Applicator or quality Microfiber Towel
  • Work the product into the leather like you know what you’re doing! Work it!
  • Using another clean Microfiber Towel, wipe the seat to a smooth dry finish. Voila, you’re done!

500 ml. or 16.9 oz.

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