Wax Shop Tune Up 3000 Compound - 32oz

Item Description:

Removes swirl marks from painted surfaces

Removes 3000 grit paint imperfections

Improved work times

TUNE-UPs blend of sub-micron abrasives and lubrication technology delivers the show car shine, depth, and clarity you desire. No dusting, hazing, or holograms, just brilliant results.

DIRECTIONS: Shake well. Avoid application on hot surfaces and in direct sunlight.

  • Apply 3-4 dime sized drops evenly spaced on the appropriate foam pad.
  • Use treated pad to dab a 2 ft. x 2 ft. area of your paint.
  • Turn on machine and apply light to medium pressure in a cross-hatch pattern up and down motion first, then side to side. Use appropriate speed and pad for the type of polisher being used.
  • Remove immediately with a microfiber towel.

32 oz.