Wax Shop Cherry Snow Foam Car Wash

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High lubricating properties reduces swirl marks

Will not harm waxes and sealants

Cherry fragrance

CHERRY SNOW FOAM’s thick & slick foam lifts and suspends dirt to minimize scratches caused by maintenance washing. Its pH balanced formula cleans and conditions your vehicle without harming waxes or sealants and rinses clean.

DIRECTIONS: Add 2-3 FL OZ to 16 OZ foam solution bottle. Top off with water. Shake to mix. Apply liberally with foam device top to bottom. Use microfiber mitt to gently agitate foam to remove soil on exterior vehicle surfaces. Rinse thoroughly and towel dry.

For Hand Wash: Add 2 to 3 FL OZ to a 5 gallon bucket. Fill bucket with a strong stream of water. Wash vehicle from top to bottom. Rinse and towel dry.

16 oz.

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