Wurth High Build UnderBody UnderSeal

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Rubberized coating for undercarriage resurfacing.

Permanent black finish that protects against road debris.

Ideal for touch-ups.

Easy to use and fast drying.

Wurth Aerosol High Build Underseal is a fast drying rubberized spray undercoating ideal for resurfacing wheel wells and lower rocker panels. It is ideal for touch-up and offers easy cleanup. UnderBody spray provides a permanent, flexible black finish that will protect against road debris such as rust, rocks, water and other road debris.

For Best Results: Scrub area with a degreaser such as Wurth Clean Solve. Rinse and allow to dry completely. Mask off areas not being treated. Spray on UnderBody Spray and allow to dry for 30-40 minutes before driving the vehicle.

17.8 oz.

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