P&S Ultracoat Paint Sealant

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Item Description:

  • Polymer Paint Sealant
  • Long Lasting Protection
  • Produces Brilliant Finish
  • Curable Coating

Ultracoat Paint Sealant creates a long lasting, high gloss, silky feeling layer of protection. Ultracoat Paint Sealant is an advanced technology product developed to harden into a high quality finish on all types of automotive paint. Polymer and urethane sealants are fortified into Ultracoat Paint Sealant to establish a flawless, long lasting finish.

Directions: Wash the entire vehicle prior to the waxing procedure. If necessary perform paint correction and fallout removal prior to product application. Once paint has been properly prepared apply by hand or dual action polisher a light coating of Ultracoat Paint Sealant. Allow sufficient amount of dwell time to allow for product set up. Once product has dried remove using soft micro fiber towels or other appropriate material. Allow product to cure for 4 to 6 hours at ambient air temperature prior to exposing to elements to achieve maximum protection.

32 oz.

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