Ultima Paint Guard Plus - 12 oz.

Item Description:

Time Saving Wipe-On, Walk-Away Polymer Sealant Coating that Shines & Protects for Months!

Applies in less than 10 minutes. Simply wipe-on and walk-away.

Produces a radiant show car shine that turns heads.

Guaranteed to outlast and outshine all other car wax products.

Ultima Paint Guard Plus, containing Polycharger Wax Booster technology, is the longest lasting, clearest and easiest paint protection you can apply to your car. This product takes about ten minutes to apply to a clean, dry vehicle. Simply wipe on and walk away. No buffing required.

Ordinary waxes and paint sealants easily wash off in a matter of weeks, but Ultima Paint Guard Plus continues protecting, beading water and shining for months. No other car wax product resists detergents, pollution, hard water spotting, road salts, insect remains, bird droppings and acid rain as well as Ultima Paint Guard Plus. The results are guaranteed.

Ultima Paint Guard Plus is a hyper-concentrated formula. A single 12 ounce bottle is enough product to coat 60 mid-size vehicles. Our super durable formula protects for months, but you may apply it as frequently as you like.

12 ounce bottle with micro-fine sprayer. Includes 4" by 6" by 2" microfiber applicator. Patent Pending.

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By Stone
Houston, TX
Used for years, won't switch!
August 6, 2020
I have used Ultima Paint Guard Plus for years, and I won't switch from a product that's tried and proven. I have a tip, when applying a dressing of any sort that goes on clear, it is best to use more than one application. With a wax, after drying you can see any spots you missed because there is no powder, haze, etc. showing up on the surface. You can't see missed spots with Ultima, so too insure complete coverage I apply three coats. I start on a Friday, clean the car, prep with Ultima Prep Plus then apply the first coat of Ultima Paint Guard Plus that night. The next night I go over the car with a microfiber polishing cloth, then apply the second coat. On Sunday afternoon late I repeat the process and apply the third coat. When finished you can actually see yourself in the fender panels of the car, that's just how deep the coating returns a mirror finish. By using the three coat method it insure full coverage. And by the way follow the instructions, it takes very little of this product for coverage. Too much Ultima won't dry as it should, and will need to be redone. This product gives a finish that will rival a concours waxing!
  • Easy to use, magnificent results!
  • None!
By john
Spring, Texas
Have Used For Years
February 17, 2019
Accidentally found this product - have use it on my F250 and Grand Cherokee - always amazed how long it last - my truck is parked in driveway - makes pine sap and bird droppings very easy to remove - I use it after washing and waxing with waterless wash and wax
  • very easy and quick to apply
By Sam
Maui, HI
Luv This Stuff
March 2, 2016
Been using it ever since it came out. Easiest to apply. I use the Ultima Prep first with a D/A polisher first then the Ultima Paint Guard. Then after every car wash I wipe it on, it keeps your car clean. In fact I purposely did this before a rainstorm and my car was still clean after driving to work.
  • Ease of use.
  • I thought it would have stopped the clear coat on my wifes van from peeling off, but it seemed to intensified it.
By Matthew
Baton Rouge, LA
Excellent product
November 13, 2015
Have used this product for years, and working construction projects, after 4 years truck still looks like it is brand new.
By Mark S.
Atlanta, GA
Excellent product for the price
July 2, 2015
Applied to my daily driver as a base then topped with Klasse Sealant and finally Blackfire Wet Diamond. The shine after applying the Ultima was excellent. The application was very easy in low 90s temperature with high humidity. Could not be happier with the purchase.
  • Shine and ease of application
  • none
By kp
excellent sealer paint
January 1, 2015
I just completed preparing my silver 10yr old Sierra Denali P/U with this product. I watched some You Tube demonstrations and was impressed with the simplicity of the process. I have not clay-bared a vehicle and now I never will, this is the easiest process you can imagine. I cannot attest for the time it will hold up yet but the contamination removal process and application is very easy.
  • simplicity & quick
  • nothing yet
By steve p.
parma, OH
Paint Guard
September 19, 2014
I used over machine polished car so I wonder how long it will last. I used very fine wax that has similar directions even for its sprays. This seemed similar so I tried it and yes, it goes on even easier. 3# sprays per panel was all I needed to smooth the panels and make them even glossier. The stuff so far seems to work and goes to my favorites. I'd buy this one again. I only wonder how long it will last due to cold winters that dry off everything I use. By winter's end it's time to detail using all possible steps of car care. This one is a must buy. I have to laugh at myself at starting out on the car a many years ago with lesser stuff.
  • Works great so far at 70 degrees. Just a little makes my cover towels slip off in garage. The dust protection towels have to placed real careful now.
  • Expensive and duration of protection is still unknown.
By Lewis
It Looks Good!
September 17, 2014
Definitely easy to use & looks good. If I have a complaint it would be that the use instructions could be more helpful. i.e. Is the applicator sponge suppose to be dry or wet before applying the product? the another difficult issue is that you can't tell where you applied the product so there is some guess work, to compensate I did it 2 different times over a couple of weeks. All the vehicle looks the same so I believe it was all covered. I'd buy this product again. For a somewhat older vehicle I think you like the result better if you used a claying product.
By Steve
New Jersey
Works good, but nasty chemical
September 16, 2014
I used the Paint Guard Plus after prepping my car. I read the instructions provided. It went on nicely and looks great. However the next day my skin broke out in an itchy rash wherever the product contacted my skin. Only after reading the MSDS did I find that gloves should be worn when using this product. Could have saved me a doctors visit and poison ivy like itching for a week if they would have included that in the instructions.
  • Ease of use
  • Great result
  • Chemical reaction with skin
  • Lack of safety precautions in instructions
By Wendell J.
Richmond KY
Too easy to believe
September 6, 2014
This product will amaze you, so easy to apply you feel like you havent worked hard enough...just apply thin layers and walk away, its that simple.....great for front protection against bugs and insects....gives a very wet look to the paint but dry to the touch
  • Lives up to its claims, looks great, and protects even better, easy to apply and great durability
  • No dislikes
By Jeff
Orlando, FL
Super Easy Shine
July 24, 2014
Does exactly what they say, wipe on and walk away. I have a metallic green Mini Cooper and had been afraid to try UPGP thinking the curing might leave streaks, but the few spots where I used too much product buffed off easily for a deep shine and slick feel. Second application used almost no product and left no streaks at all.
  • So easy and great result.
  • Can be difficult to judge how much product is on the applicator, the tendency is to keep adding product but just follow directions, with UPGP less is better!
By Mike
Does not protect very good.
November 4, 2012
It does go on easy and quick, but the protection is just not there. I did the whole process, wash, Elastrofoam, Paint Prep Plus, and finally Paint Guard Plus. Car looked good. A couple days later I came out to my car after work and there were tiny specks of something all over the car. The company had a big BBQ that day and I was parked not too far from were the grilling was being done. I think it was from that. It happened to me once before. Whatever it was, was stuck or etched into the paint, and it would only come off with another Elastrofoam job. Very disappointed. Last time that happened to me I had Klasse on the finish and the specks of grease or whatever it was just wiped right off. I will be going back to Klasse. While Klasse is harder to apply and remove, nothing can beat it for protection. Also after a couple applications of Paint Guard Plus, the spray nozzle stopped working. Very frustrating when wanting to apply this product and it wont spray.
  • Ease of use
  • Does not protect well
  • Spray nozzle stopped working after a couple applications.
By Jerry
Great product.
May 8, 2012
Read about this product on my forum Spyderchat.com and I've got to say this is the easiest protectant I've ever used. They aren't kidding when they say you could do your car in ten minutes. Also washing has gotten easier because everything just glides right off after your car is protected with this sealant.
  • Fast, easy to use
  • Very little product needed
By Karim
May 3, 2012
Gives a nice gloss to my silver car and im sure it do good on dark colours too..Very easy to use..If you worry about swirls and scratches put on your paint by applying and buffing, this product UPGP would be your best choice.
By Lee
March 23, 2012
Bottom line is that this stuff really works. True, you could get a more glass-like look (deeper) with wax, but it wouldn't last. With Ultima Paint Guard Plus, I know my car is protected, and it always looks good. Best part, though, is that it really lasts a long time. I've used it for several years.
  • Great protection, minimal effort, and lasts!
By Rick
Not happy with the results of Paint guard plus
September 13, 2011
I should have figured out that it was to easy to be true. Not slick for the price paid.
By taylor
great product
June 23, 2011
works great better than a lot of paint sealants and waxes and u don't to spend all day trying protect dark colored cars