Tornador Sudsy Exterior

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Creates a thick, dry foam for maximum cling

Encapsulates dirt for a safe washing experience

High lubricity content to prevent swirls and scratches

Designed to work in conjunction with the Tornador Foaming Gun

Create foam from thin air!

Tornador Sudsy Exterior is a concentrated foaming wash developed to harness the cleaning power of your Tornador Foaming Gun. Tornador Sudsy Exterior produces a thick, dry lather that clings to the surface. Since the Tornador Foaming Gun uses compressed air over water pressure, the resulting foam is more like a shaving cream than a foam soap. This small change maximizes dwell time on the surface for superior cleaning power and allows you to perform the safest wash possible.

DIRECTIONS for the Tornador Foaming Gun:

  • Add 32 oz. of water to the 1000 line on the Tornador cup. Add Tornador Sudsy Exterior to the cup and shake lightly.
  • Turn liquid switch to the upright position to deliver the solution.
  • Hold cleaning nozzle 1-3 feet from the vehicle to be cleaned. Begin a back and forth action over the area until entire vehicle is covered.
  • Turn the liquid switch in the down position and rinse the treated area with fresh water.
  • Wipe over the area with a soft, clean towel to dry.

2 oz.

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