TornadorMAX Z-030

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Improved rotational set to increase cleaning capabilities

Swivel air inlet and built-in air regulator give greater user control

Anti-slip base allows it to grip wherever you put it at

LED tactical light illuminates dark corners without the need for bulky lights

Tornador has changed the game, again!

Revolutionize the way you detail with the Tornador Z-030 Max. Building off all the features you know and love from the Tornador Z-020 Black, the Z-030 Max brings newly engineered parts and upgraded features to maximize your results. Right from the new handle, youíll notice an improved swivel air inlet that allows you greater mobility when working with your compressor hose. The newly designed handle and trigger assembly also allow for greater control and comfort. The Tornador Z-030 Max utilizes an improved rotation set to produce a rotational pulse when cleaning for maximum effect. And, to ensure you leave not spot untouched, the Tornador Z-030 Max is equipped with a LED tactical light!

IMPROVED ROTATION SET! Newly engineered rotation set improves cleaning capabilities.
The rotation set has had a makeover from the previous Z-020. Now equipped with a patented spring technology, which increases the torque and intensifies the cleaning power. This greatly improves the cleaning abilities on wet or dry surfaces and reduces the amount of time needed to clean the surface. This dramatic improvement to the efficiency of the tool improves makes every detail easier!

INCREASED AIR CONTROL! Swivel air inlet and built-in air regulator put more control in your hands!
The Tornador Z-030 Max features a few improvements that put more control in the hands of the user. The built-in air regulator allows you to fine tune the amount of air being pulled from the compressor and gives you precise control of the tool. This, combined with the swivel air inlet, allows for increased comfort and control over every inch of your vehicle!

TACTICAL IMPROVEMENTS! LED light and anti-slip base make it adaptable to any environment!
Donít let a dark corner hinder your cleaning capabilities! The Tornador Z-030 Max is equipped with a LED tactical light to illuminate dark areas without having to incorporate bulky detailing lights or flashlights. And, since itís mounted directly on the chamber, you never have to juggle when youíre detailing in a tight, dark corner. When itís time to take a break, youíll find comfort in knowing your Tornador Z-030 Max is going to stay right where you put it. Equipped with an anti-slip base the Tornador Z-030 Max can sit sturdy wherever you put it, even if the hose is still attached.

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