Superior Tire and Trim Care

 Superior Tire and Trim Care

Superior Tire and Trim Care

Protect, Prevent and Preserve with Ultima Tire & Trim Guard Plus

By Konrad Sensenig

A TV commercial from a few years ago emphasized how important a car's tires are by showing that a car can only be as good as its tires.  Everything that is loved about the car is riding on the tires and is relying on their performance.  The same idea is undeniably true for appearances. 

For example, let's imagine a meticulously-maintained black Corvette Z06.  Its' distinctive body lines flow over the raised fenders, down along the low-set cabin, and into the seductive curves around its hips.  Almost every aspect of its beautiful form has been polished to perfection.  It carries its own aura and loves to gleam, seemingly creating it's own unique glow.  The beast turns heads from two blocks away in every direction, but there is definitely still something missing...

Could there be a few streaks on the glass?  Nope, crystal clear and pit free.  Maybe the four exhaust tips have some carbon residue?  Nada.  At this point it's a no-brainer... the tires have no character to speak of.  They have taken on that worn out chalky dullness that can easily identify a driver who doesn't care, or simply doesn't know any better.  The high temperatures of performance driving, combined with powerful wheel cleaners, have fried the moisture from the surface of these side-walls.

Most passionate car enthusiasts are familiar with the typical tire shine products available today.  The slimy spray-on gel that runs everywhere, sticks to the wheels, and jeopardizes any part of the brakes that it reaches is available at any corner parts store.  Unfortunately, these generic products act like fly-paper with dirt and cause a constant worry that residual product is being slung all over the side of the car while it's moving.

So what's a guy to do?  He's made a considerable investment in a work of art on four wheels, letting time and the elements wreck havoc upon it is simply not an option!  The products that have been available for years are frankly inferior, bordering on insulting.  When will we find an easy-to-use, long-lasting tire shine that preserves the wet look of a brand new set of tires without leaving a greasy residue?

Here's where Ultima has stepped in and put its foot down.  By introducing their Ultima Tire & Trim Guard Plus+, they have just raised the bar in the world of tire care.  The wipe-on, walk-away technology can be used in a matter of minutes, resulting in a classy appearance that lasts for months rather than weeks.  Boosted by PolychargerTM, the ingredients of the Ultima Tire & Trim Guard Plus+ lock together to form a waterproof barrier over the surface of any exterior rubber or plastic trim.  By sealing the tires now, you can protect them from the elements and rule out the otherwise inevitable dry-rot, premature aging, cracking and fading.

The finished product is dry to the touch, eliminating any concern that your tire shine will transfer to your freshly pressed golf pants as you pass by.  It locks in the fresh wet look, while repelling pollutants, road grime and brake dust.   Ultima Tire & Trim Guard Plus+ protects both your tires and your wheels, may well be the new standard in tire and wheel care!

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