Lake Country System 3000 Deluxe Pad Washer

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Experience the future of pad cleaning today!!!

Filters and recycles water for cleaner pads

Reduces pad cleaning time considerably

Eliminates the frustration of hand cleaning

Lake Country has done it again! The Lake Country System 3000 Deluxe Pad Washer will change the way you clean your polishing pads. Loaded with ingenious features, the Lake Country System 3000 Deluxe Pad Washer makes pad cleaning fast, easy, and most of all, super convenient. Don't let that ever increasing pile of dirty pads continue to build up. With the Lake Country System 3000 Deluxe Pad Washer, a set of fresh and clean pads is just minutes away!

Detailing your car is fun. Detailing your polishing pads isn't. Designed with the experts at Lake Country Car Care and manufactured by Lake Country, the Lake Country System 3000 Deluxe Pad Washer will significantly reduce the time it takes you to clean and dry your polishing pads. And because it works will all machine polisher types – Random Orbital DA, Forced Rotation DA and Rotary- you don't even need a dedicated pad machine. The Lake Country System 3000 Deluxe Pad Washer works with your polisher of choice.

The System 3000 Deluxe Pad Washer safely cleans all types of polishing pads!Lake Country carefully examined existing pad cleaning machines, including Lake Country's own System 2000 Pad Cleaner, and came up with several unique solutions to existing short comings. For example, existing pad cleaners use the same solution to clean and rinse your pads. By cycling soiled solution through the system, the cleaning potential is limited. You do not bathe in a murky swamp to get clean.

That is why the Lake Country System 3000 Deluxe Pad Washer comes with Aqua-Clean Technology ™ . Aqua-Clean Technology ™ continuously filters and recycles the cleaning solution inside the Lake Country System 3000 Deluxe Pad Washer. What's more, a capture basin with a removable 10-micron filter, allows you to clean the system without having to dump out your cleaning solution. You no longer have stop, clean out your machine, and mix up a fresh batch. Instead, clean the filter and basin, and keep going.

The Lake Country System 3000 Deluxe Pad Washer features a large stainless steel wash plate. This high-quality piece will not shred foam pads, nor will it yank the yarn out of wool pads. The stainless steel wash plate allows you to clean all pad types -foam, microfiber and wool- in any size from 3 inches all the way up to 9 inches. No matter the pad type, the pad size, or the machine you use, the Lake Country System 3000 Deluxe Pad Washer makes pad cleaning easy.

How easy? Simply load the dirty pad onto your polisher, insert the pad into the Lake Country System 3000 Deluxe Pad Washer, close the lid (to avoid spray) and run the polisher while pressing up and down. When the pad is clean, lift the pad off of the pump sprayer and plate (keeping it inside the machine) to allow it to spin dry. In a handful of seconds your heavily-soiled pad is clean and almost dry. You may think it's magic, put it is careful engineering.

The System 3000 Deluxe Pad Washer features exclusive Aqua-Clean Technology!When you place the pad into the machine, it is centered over a pump outlet. As your run your polisher and press the pump up and down, you inject fresh and filtered cleaning solution into the pad. As the pad spins over the pump and wash plate it is compressed and agitated, working the cleaning solution deep into the pad as centrifugal forces pulls the solution outward. The now soiled solution cascades downward, through the catch basin and filter, to the bottom of the bucket where it is now clean and ready for the next pad.

Additionally, the Lake Country System 3000 Deluxe Pad Washer operates in three different modes depending on the operator's preference for maintaining the clean solution:
  1. Filtered– the cleaning solution is continuously recycled through a replaceable 10 micron filter at the bottom of the catch basin. The filtered cleaning solution drains to the bottom of the pail for repeated cleanings.
  2. Captured– the catch basin retains the dirty solution with out the use of a filter. Simply fill the pail to the bottom of the catch basin (1.6 gallons), close the drains on the basin, then discard the dirty solution when the basin is full.
  3. Standard– remove the catch basin and use full pail until cleaning solution needs to be replaced.
Look in the garage at the dirty pile of polishing pads that have been building up next your shiny car. Forget about the rigors of hand scrubbing them and soaking your garage as you spin the pads dry. Fill the Lake Country System 3000 Deluxe Pad Washer to the fill line (only 1.6 gallons of water) and add a pack of Polishing Pad Rejuvenator. Put on your favorite song (this isn't going to take too long) and put the Lake Country System 3000 Deluxe Pad Washer to work for you. Clean pads are just a mess-free few minutes away.

Because the Lake Country System 3000 Deluxe Pad Washer is manufactured to Lake Country's incredibly high-standards, this cleaner is perfect for everybody. From weekend enthusiasts to the high-volume detail shop, the Lake Country System 3000 Deluxe Pad Washer is built to last. The Lake Country System 3000 Deluxe Pad Washer allows you to experience the future of pad cleaning today.

Made in the USA.
Includes 1 Filter.

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By Edmund I.
Springboro, Ohio
Cleans pads old and new!
August 31, 2018
I was frustrated with the results I was getting from my "el cheap-o" method of dunking my pads caked with compound or polish into my wash bucket, brushing them with my pad brush, rinsing them with my garden hose, and then trying to spin the pad dry on the DA. Lots of steps, slowed down my process, and my pads just weren't getting very clean. Then, I saw this pad washer on an Optimum hyper polish how-to video, and thought, "Hey, I'm ordering the hyper polish and compound, now is the time to try this new (to me) gadget! I filled it with 2 gals. of distilled water, added 1 ounce of Chemical Guys microfiber wash, and began testing on some pads that were still crusted with Meguiar's d300 compound I had used over the last month. They were surprisingly cleaner and "'fluffier" (I couldn't think of a better adjective, sorry!) Did they come out clean immediately? NO, they had quite a build-up soaked into the foam pads, so it took several plunges of the solution to get everything broken down and spun out. There is still a bit of residual old compound, but nothing like it was before. I'm going to give them another cleaning after they dry, but the results are already much much more than I could have achieved with my method!
The price of this thing had kept me from pulling the trigger before, but I was getting so fed up with fighting half-cleaned and soggy pads during a polishing job, and I figured I'd be shelling out almost the same amount pretty soon just trying to buy extra pads--my method of cleaning wasn't getting the pads clean, so what am I supposed to do with a stockpile of gunked-up used-once pads? This is a game changer for me. You, dear reader, either have your own method that works for you, but I will bet that if you're still reading this review by now, you may be in the same boat as I was. Go ahead, make the purchase, and add the ONR to the wash instead of that packet of powder. I know that I'm glad I made the purchase.
ProsEasy to use. Install the plugs to capture the dirty water, especially if you're cleaning older dirty pads!
ConsWish the price was lower, but it does what it claims, and will save me from making a redundant purchase of more pads, so, it's not really a con at all