Lake Country System 4000 Deluxe Pad Washer

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Completely self-contained pad washing system

Works with random orbital, DA, and rotary polishers

Pure Flo technology ensures youíre always using clean solution

Works with wool and foam pads from 3 to 7 inches

Keep your pads clean with Pure Flo technology!

The Lake Country System 4000 Deluxe Pad Washer is a fully self-contained pad cleaning tool that takes the manual labor out of the equation. Featuring Pure Flo technology, the Lake Country System 4000 Deluxe Pad Washer continuously cycles your pad cleaning solution to ensure you are always using fresh solution when cleaning your foam or wool pads. The open face design allows you to clean pads ranging from 3 to 7 inches in size and can be used with dual action, rotary, or random orbital units. It even works with polishing accessories such as bonnets, applicators, wash mitts, and more! The positive displacement pump lets you control the flow of cleaning solution for the media being cleaned. Drop it in the shop, in the driveway, or wherever else you need to clean your pads!

EASY TO OPERATE! Clean you pads on the fly with this no hassle solution!
You wonít need to spend hours reading a manual or scouring videos online to run the Lake Country System 4000 Deluxe Pad Washer. Simply pump the cleaning solution as you run the polisher against wash plate. Continue until clean. Thatís simple enough, right!

FULLY SELF-CONTAINED! Clean you pads in the shop, the driveway, or anywhere else!
Whether youíre in a shop or detailing out the back of a van, the Lake Country System 4000 Deluxe Pad Washer is a match for you. This fully self-contained unit only requires the cleaning solution and the operator. No power cords needed!

WORKS WITH ANY MACHINE! Use with rotary, dual action, or random orbital machines!
If youíre polisher spins, then itís a match for the Lake Country System 4000 Deluxe Pad Washer. This unique pad cleaning system is compatible with rotary, dual action, and random orbital units. The Lake Country System 4000 Deluxe Pad Washer can accommodate a range of pad sizes from 3 to 7 inches.

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By Edmund I.
Springboro, Ohio
Cleans pads old and new!
August 31, 2018
I was frustrated with the results I was getting from my "el cheap-o" method of dunking my pads caked with compound or polish into my wash bucket, brushing them with my pad brush, rinsing them with my garden hose, and then trying to spin the pad dry on the DA. Lots of steps, slowed down my process, and my pads just weren't getting very clean. Then, I saw this pad washer on an Optimum hyper polish how-to video, and thought, "Hey, I'm ordering the hyper polish and compound, now is the time to try this new (to me) gadget! I filled it with 2 gals. of distilled water, added 1 ounce of Chemical Guys microfiber wash, and began testing on some pads that were still crusted with Meguiar's d300 compound I had used over the last month. They were surprisingly cleaner and "'fluffier" (I couldn't think of a better adjective, sorry!) Did they come out clean immediately? NO, they had quite a build-up soaked into the foam pads, so it took several plunges of the solution to get everything broken down and spun out. There is still a bit of residual old compound, but nothing like it was before. I'm going to give them another cleaning after they dry, but the results are already much much more than I could have achieved with my method!
The price of this thing had kept me from pulling the trigger before, but I was getting so fed up with fighting half-cleaned and soggy pads during a polishing job, and I figured I'd be shelling out almost the same amount pretty soon just trying to buy extra pads--my method of cleaning wasn't getting the pads clean, so what am I supposed to do with a stockpile of gunked-up used-once pads? This is a game changer for me. You, dear reader, either have your own method that works for you, but I will bet that if you're still reading this review by now, you may be in the same boat as I was. Go ahead, make the purchase, and add the ONR to the wash instead of that packet of powder. I know that I'm glad I made the purchase.
  • Easy to use. Install the plugs to capture the dirty water, especially if you're cleaning older dirty pads!
  • Wish the price was lower, but it does what it claims, and will save me from making a redundant purchase of more pads, so, it's not really a con at all