StatGear T3 Tactical Auto Rescue Tool

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Developed and designed by a first responder

440C Stainless steel blades

Equipped with a spring-loaded window punch and hook blade for seatbelt cutting

Built in LED light with replaceable batteries


A new type of auto insurance reassurance

The StatGear T3 Tactical Auto Rescue Tool is an innovative approach on multi-function rescue and escape tools. Created by Avi Goldstein, a NYC paramedic, the StatGear T3 Tactical Auto Rescue Tool was developed to easily meet the high demands of paramedics and first responders. His experience in the field gave him a new perspective on rescue tools. With the vision of filling the gaps of other EDC (everyday carry) tools, the StatGear T3 Tactical Auto Rescue Tool was born.

The StatGear T3 Tactical Auto Rescue Tool spares not an inch of utility. On the bottom of the knife you find a spring-loaded steel-tip window punch that effortless shatters glass. Moving to the top of the handle, the T3 is equipped with 440C stainless steel hook blade to slices through seatbelts with minimal effort. All this surrounds the 440C serrated stainless steel blade that stays tucked inside the handle until needed.


  • Designed by a New York City paramedic
  • Spring loaded steel tip window punch
  • 440C Stainless steel hook blade for seatbelt cutting
  • LED light with replaceable batteries
  • 1/2 Serrated 440C stainless steel blade
  • Stainless steel belt clip & heavy duty nylon belt sheath


  • Blade length - 3 1/4"
  • Complete tool length - 5"
  • Tool weight - 6.4 oz

With the knife edge facing you, there are two pieces of flat steel in the middle of the knife. One goes all the way from the top to the bottom of the handle and the other one on the right is bent towards the right. That bent piece is the liner lock. You use your right thumb to push the right piece (liner lock) towards the straight piece (i.e. push the right piece to the left) and at the same time you carefully close the knife blade (watch your thumb!). The same type of lock exists for the hook seat belt cutting blade on the back of the knife. You use your thumb to push in the piece of flat steel towards the center of the handle and close the hook blade.

Hold the window punch against the window and push with moderate force. The steel point will shoot out, shatter the glass and then retract automatically. Caution: This window punch really works! Always wear the proper protective equipment when practicing.

*Must be 21 or older to order. Misuse or careless use may cause serious injury. By ordering this item you are certifying that you are an adult and may legally possess it where you reside.

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