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We've completely redesigned our squeeze bottles! The new material is 5 times thicker than the old bottle, making it stronger so if you accidentally drop it, your precious polish, compound or wax remains in the bottle instead of splattering on your floor! The self cleaning lid also fits better, preventing accidental leaks and spills.

The 8 oz. Autopia Squeeze Bottle is a lighter, more convenient storage option for detailing products purchased in bulk. Transfer liquid products to this handy dispenser. It takes up less room in your detailing trailer or storage bin, and is easy to handle while detailing. Dispense a small amount of polish onto a polishing pad or applicator. The fine tip controls the amount of product you use to reduce waste.

Each dispenser bottle has a self-cleaning spout that prevents clogs. Pull to open, push to close. The spout never clogs and does not need a lid. Simple and convenient.

The Autopia Squeeze Bottle has a line where you can write the name of the product inside. The chemical resistant plastic is suitable for a wide range of polishes, waxes, glazes, sealants, and protectants.

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8 oz. bottles