Speed Master Tool Rack

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The evolution of organization!

The Speed Master Tool Rack follows a simple formula. Organization, plus mobility, equals efficiency. There is a secondary answer to this equation, and that is happy detailers! Three tiers of organizational trays constructed using durable polyethylene mean the Speed Master Tool Rack is designed to take as much abuse as you can throw at it! The mobility is only an option when you need it, Speed Master made sure to include wheel-locks so it's always by your side!

Let's face the facts, detailing is a time-consuming task. With everything from paint work, trim and right down the wheels, you'll be spending plenty of bonding time with the vehicle you're working on. As detailing has evolved over the years machine polishers, pads, and chemicals have also evolved to improve the outcome, but why haven't we improved our efficiency of how we work? Speed Master has your answer, the Speed Master Tool Rack!

This is not a cart you just pile your tools on; this is the detailers caddie, an assistant that has every tool you need in the spot you need it. No longer will you have to make trip after trip to the work bench or dig through a disorganized mess of gear stacked on a cart. The Speed Master Tool Rack's three tiers of trays give every one of your tools a dedicated home, even your polisher! The tiers are constructed using polyethylene to ensure they last for years to come. Each tier breaks down into 4 quadrants with two bottle holders capable of securing a 32 oz. bottle. Oh, and did we mention the Speed Master Tool Rack even has optional cup holders to keep you refreshed the entire time!

The heavy duty build of the Speed Master Tool Rack is built on 4 casters to make sure it can keep up with you. You won't need to worry about it abandoning you on the job either; the wheel locks will keep it exactly where you want it! Since Henry Ford showed the world what an assembly line could do, the automotive world has continued to increase its efficiency by working smarter, not harder. Isn't it time we do the same for ourselves?

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