Speed Master Premium Carbon Pearl Towel - 16 x 16 Inch - 12 Pack

Item Description:

Pearl-weave design makes this a versatile and durable towel for nearly every job

Perfect for removal/leveling of all types of ceramic coatings.

Also works well for removal of waxes and paint sealants.

Excellent for interior cleaning and dusting

It isnít that hard to find the perfect pearl!

The Speed Master Carbon Pearl towel is the versatile towel that is missing from your detailing arsenal. Designed using a unique pearl-weave pattern, the Speed Master Carbon Pearl is a purpose driven towel that can be used on almost every occasion. From interior work to the final buff of a wax or sealant, the Speed Master Carbon Pearl performs perfectly.

While it may be able to handle every job, it shines best when it comes to removing or leveling a ceramic coating. Whether it be a paint, glass, wheel, or headlight coating, the Speed Master Carbon Pearl provides a smooth and snappy response when it comes to the final wipe. This is all thanks to its closed-loop, pearl-weave construction. The soft, yet effective removal power is a perfect match for coatings of every chemical base. An additional benefit of this construction style is improved durability.

Care Instructions:

  • Machine wash only with a dedicated microfiber cleaner. (Free of dyes, fragrances, bleach, or fabric softeners)
  • Tumble dry low and DO NOT use fabric softener sheets.

16 x 16 Inch - 12 Pack

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