Speed Master Detailers Seat

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You canít detail without the Speed Master Detailerís Seat!

3 different detailing modes

Includes attached product holders, cushion, and wheels

Heavy duty & lightweight!

If youíve been searching for an easier way to detail for extended periods of time, you can now stop! The Speed Master Detailerís Seat is 6 tools in one and helps keep you moving through your details. Featuring a cushioned top (that doubles as a paint guard in the right circumstances), 4 rolling wheels, storage between the seat the bottom, the ability to become a step ladder, and so much more, the Speed Master Detailerís Seat is the ultimate detailing tool!

Speed Master Detailerís Seat features:

• 3 Different Detailing Modes Ė The Speed Master Detailerís Seat can be used as a seat with wheels, giving you the ability to cruise around the car youíre detailing in half the time. If you want to lose the wheels, you can take the top piece off, add the rubber feet, and then use it as a step stool. And if youíd like to go as minimalist as possible, remove the top cushion piece and use only that part during your detail! Regardless, the Speed Master Detailerís Seat was designed for convenience and it definitely delivers!

• Attached Product Holders Ė In addition to the storage area in the center, the Speed Master Detailerís Seat also include 2 product (or cup!) holders, keeping the product youíre using the most close at hand. Along the side are 3 tool holders that are perfect for storing your brushes, sprayers, and other slim tools. Storage AND wheels? Sounds perfect!

• Quality Construction Ė While the Speed Master Deatilerís Seat is lightweight and easy to maneuver, it is also built to be heavy duty and endure years of use. Using a thick, molded plastic, quality wheels and casters, and long lasting construction, the Speed Master Detailerís Seat ensures it will be around as long as you need it!

Donít keep pushing through a detail without using the Speed Master Detailerís Seat!

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