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Speed Master Detail Guardz

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Item Description:

Eliminates jammed up hoses and cords

Rollers system lets your hoses and cords slide smoothly

Cap keeps hoses and cords on track

Say good riddance to jammed up hoses and cords!

The Speed Master Detail Guardz are the answer to the annoyance of tangled hoses and cords. As detailers, you deserve to do your work free of any frustration. The Speed Master Detail Guardz were designed to improve on basic plastic guards that didn�t really solve the problem. Speed Master implemented a rollers system to let your hoses and cords slide smoothly along the tire to prevent any �traffic jams�. Speed Master topped its innovative roller system off with a cap to prevent your hose or cord from going astray. With so much thought put into making your detail easier, you�ll wonder how you ever detailed before you got the Speed Master Detail Guardz!

Detailing, whether for fun or for work, still needs to be as efficient as possible. Cutting down time and frustration is what Speed Master set out to do. The Speed Master Detail Guardz roller system eliminates friction when pulling on your hose. As you move around the vehicle your hose will flow as fluidly as you do. This makes getting the detail done faster and gets you closer to enjoying the freshly detailed shine! Plus, you won�t need to worry about going off the track. The Speed Master Detail Guardz rollers have a thick lip cap to prevent your hose from getting lost along the way. The benefits of the Speed Master Detail Guardz don�t end at the wash. Use your set of Detail Guardz for everything from vacuum hoses to power chords!

Ditch the delay and let Speed Master Detail Guardz improve your detail today!

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