SONAX The Beast Wheel Cleaner - 1 Liter

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Unleash the beast on brake dust!

SONAX “The Beast" Wheel Cleaner is stress free solution for brake dust and road grime. SONAX “The Beast" Wheel Cleaner is basically two cleaners in one. First and foremost, SONAX “The Beast" Wheel Cleaner is an acid free wheel cleaner designed to cut through heavy road film and other contamination that you pick up from the road. What separates SONAX “The Beast" Wheel Cleaner from the pack is its unique formula. Built in decontamination agents dissolve brake dust and any other ferrous contamination on contact! Once on the surface you can actually see this process take place as SONAX “The Beast" Wheel Cleaner turns purple when it interacts with metal contamination. Don't spend your time scrubbing and scratching your wheels, just unleash “The Beast"!

POWERFUL! Tough on contamination – gentle on wheels!
When it comes to wheels and tires, a standard cleaner just won't cut it. The contamination that your wheels encounter is some of the toughest your vehicle will accumulate. Thankfully SONAX “The Beast" Wheel Cleaner contains a powerful blend of cleaners and decontamination agents to cut through stubborn road film and brake dust!

SAFE! Formulated without the use of harsh acids!
When it comes to tough contaminates many brands reach for hash, caustic chemicals to get the job done. Not SONAX! SONAX “The Beast" Wheel Cleaner is formulated with chemically advanced cleaner agents, not acid. This means SONAX “The Beast" Wheel Cleaner is safe for virtually all wheel types!

MULTI-ACTION! Two cleaners built into one bottle!
different cleaners formulated to work in conjunction with each other. SONAX “The Beast" Wheel Cleaner contains a blend of cleaner agents to remove road film and another set of decontamination agents to dissolve brake dust and other ferrous contamination!


  • Shake the bottle, turn the pump sprayer nozzle to the spray position.
  • From a short distance, generously and evenly spray cooled and dry wheel rim
  • Allow to work for 2-4 minutes.
  • The color quickly turns red and unleashes its full cleaning power.
  • Remove deep dirt contamination with a brush.
  • Rinse the cleaner completely off with a strong jet of water or high pressure cleaner.
  • Do not allow to dry.

1 Liter (33.8 oz.)

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