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SONAX Hybrid NPT Paint Cleaner

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Item Description:

Pre-Wax Cleaner for the Ultimate Shine.

Restores the paint finish to a like new condition in one easy step.

Micro-fine abrasives smooth swirl marks while nano wax particles fill small scratches.

Use to remove oxidation, reduce swirl marks, and prepare the paint for wax.

SONAX Paint Cleaner is a one step polish and pre-wax cleaner for all paint systems. Micro-fine abrasives reduce scratches and swirl-marks while nano wax particles create an ultra smooth, high gloss finish. SONAX Paint Cleaner makes imperfections disappear with little effort and restores a deep rich color instantly. Increase your shine with SONAX Paint Cleaner by hand or machine and enjoy that polished look that your neighbors and friends with think you took days to achieve.

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SONAX Hybrid NPT Paint Cleaner