SONAX German Wheel Combo

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The SONAX German Wheel Combo combines the cleaning power of Wolfgang Uber Wheel Cleaner and the protection of Sonax Rim Shield to bring you a can’t-lose combination for your wheels. This perfect marriage of safe and effective cleaning power with polymer-based protection means your wheels will get clean and they’ll stay that way! The SONAX German Wheel Combo even includes a couple of microfiber towels and the indispensable Famous Detailing Brush so you can be sure every inch of your rims is clean and protected.

The SONAX German Wheel Combo Includes:
Sonax Rim ShieldSONAX Rim Shield
SONAX Rim Shield is an innovative polymer-based protectant spray that helps lock out brake dust and other harmful contaminants from wheels with a simple spritz. This smooth, slick formula allows contaminants to slide off the rim with a simple soap and water wash, helping reduce the time you need to spend cleaning wheels. SONAX Rim Shield helps repel road grime, brake dust, dirt, and oil to keep rims looking like new!

Wolfgang Uber Wheel CleanerWolfgang Uber Wheel Cleaner 3.0
Wolfgang Über Wheel Cleaner is non-acid and pH neutral. It will clean stubborn brake dust from the most delicate polished aluminum, painted, powdered coated, and anodized wheel surfaces. Powerful cleaning agents change color as they dissolve iron and metallic brake dust. Wolfgang Über Wheel Cleaner requires little to no agitation, even on neglected wheels! Wolfgang Über Wheel Cleaner will remove the most stubborn brake dust from even the most delicate wheel finishes. It was designed to combat the heavy brake dust load of European sports cars, so it is perfectly capable of cleaning the wheels of any automobile.

Famous Detailing BrushFamous Detailing Brush
Use the Famous Detailing Brush once and you’ll wonder how you ever detailed your vehicle without it. This functional brush excels for every detailing task, including wheel cleaning, interior dusting, wax removal from emblems, and anything else you can think of. The top-quality construction means the brush will last several years, even when used regularly with high-octane wheel cleaners.

Microfiber All Purpose & Wheel Detailing TowelMicrofiber All Purpose & Wheel Detailing Towel, 2 Pack
The high quality premium microfiber towels are suitable for even the most delicate surfaces, but color coordinated to care for your wheels and other messy jobs. The black microfiber pile will not show stains. Use the All Purpose & Wheel Detailing Towels to wash, dry, polish, and buff residue from wheels, wheel wells, engines, or other areas with the same care as you do your paint.

Kit includes:
400 ml. SONAX Rim Shield
16 oz. Wolfgang Uber Wheel Cleaner 3.0
Famous Detailing Brush
Microfiber All Purpose & Wheel Detailing Towel, 2 Pack

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