SONAX Flexi Blade

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Stop waterspots before they form

Silicone composition won't scratch paint

Conforms perfectly to the curves of any car

12.5Ē handle

Arm yourself against waterspots!

The SONAX Flexi Blade was created for a sole purpose; to stop waterspots before they can even think about forming. Made with a low-friction and flexible silicone, the SONAX Flexi Blade will perfectly conform to any flat or curved surface on your car. Not only is the SONAX Flexi Blade the fastest way to dry your car, but its silicone composition will never scratch your paint.

Waterspots! Now, thereís no need to use that kind of language here, friend. When the SONAX Flexi Blade is your weapon of choice, the battle will always turn in your favor. The key to keeping those unsightly waterspots away from your precious paint is urgency and timing. The SONAX Flexi Blade makes for a quick and easy solution after a rainstorm or car wash. In minutes, any and all water will be but a distant memory from your carís paint and widows.

The only thing that should fear your SONAX Flexi Blade is water, not your carís finish. It is a harsh reality that some towels can hold onto dirt or debris, which can potentially scratch your carís paint or glass. Your SONAX Flexi Blade will never betray you with hidden particulate! The low-friction silicone will easily glide over your carís surface, leaving you with peace of mind and a beautiful finish.

Not only does the SONAX Flexi Blade conforms perfectly to the curves of any car, its 12.5Ē handle is the perfect size for anyone. Now grab your Blade and join the fight against waterspots!

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