SONAX Clear View 1-100 Windsheild Cleaner - 250 ml.

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  • SONAX Clear View 1-100 Windsheild Cleaner - 250 ml.
  • SONAX Clear View 1-100 Windsheild Cleaner - 250 ml.
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Always have a clear view of the road!

SONAX Clear View is a highly effective cleaning concentrate additive that ensures you always have clean glass. Formulated with special cleaning agents to significantly accelerate the cleaning process, SONAX Clear View quickly removes vision impairing contamination like road grime and insects. SONAX Clear View is surface safe and won't cause harm to your paint, plastics, or decals. Along with the advanced cleaning components are anti-lime additives that allow SONAX Clear View to be mixed with plain tap water. All of this is packed into a powerful concentration of 1:100. That means that a 250 ml. can yield an astonishing 6 gallons of cleaning solution!

How to use SONAX Clear View:

  1. With the cap on, fill the dosing chamber with 20 ml of product by squeezing the lower part of the bottle.
  2. Unscrew the cap and add the contents of the dosing chamber into a mixing bottle or add directly to your vehicle washer fluid reservoir.
  3. Mix with water. 20 ml. is sufficient for a half gallon (64 oz.) of water.

PRO TIP: SONAX Clear View can be mixed with distilled water or standard tap water thanks to the anti-lime additives in the formula.

250 ml.

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