SONAX Ceramic Spray Coating - 25.36 oz.

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Who said ceramic shouldn't be easy!

SONAX Ceramic Spray Coating is a straightforward, ceramic based protectant featuring cutting edge technology. SONAX Ceramic Spray Coating delivers a durable level of protection without the tedious and time-consuming application process you find with similar products. The unique formulation of SONAX Ceramic Spray Coating features Si-Carbon technology to reinforce the bond and properties of the product. Whether you use it as a topper for another ceramic based protectant or as a standalone LSP (Last Step Product), SONAX Ceramic Spray Coating will provide you with stunning hydrophobics and a mirror-like gloss.

CUTTING-EDGE! Unique SI-Carbon technology brings extreme gloss and protection!
If you're looking for that glossy, glass-like ceramic appearance and don't want the hassle of application, SONAX Ceramic Spray Coating is the solution. This unique Si-Carbon based protectant produces stunning hydrophobics and gloss without the tedious application process.

QUICK APPLICATION! Faster application process means more time enjoying your ride!
Don't spend your entire weekend applying a protectant! Your car was made to enjoy and to show off at the local car show! So, get out there faster with a quicker option for protection. Cut your detailing time in half and hit the road faster with SONAX Ceramic Spray Coating!

HIGH PERFORMANCE! Don't worry, SONAX only skimped out on the application process!
SONAX Ceramic Spray Coating boast impeccable levels of protection with this easy application method. Honestly, you'll be left in awe at the effort to performance ratio of SONAX Ceramic Spray Coating effort. In a fraction of the time, you can seal your ride in a durable, glossy coat of Si-Carbon protection!


  • Wash vehicle completely. Complete drying is recommended but not necessary.
  • Shake bottle before use and spray onto a microfiber towel and distribute and even layer of Ceramic Spray Coating across the surface.
  • Switch a fresh microfiber towel and buff away excess product.
  • If the colors appear irregular or the product has dried, repeat the application process.

25.36 oz. (750 ml.)

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