Shop-Vac Professional Air Mover

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Item Description:

Moves air in a powerful blast to dry carpets and floors quickly

Prevent wicking after carpet shampooing.

Prevent mold and mildew accumulation.

1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

If your floor or carpet needs to be dried quickly, then we have the blast of air you need: The Shop-Vac Professional Air Mover. The Shop-Vac Professional Air Mover delivers 500 cubic feet per minute of contrast air flow to quickly dry large spaces such as floors and carpeting. This is extremely important for detailers who shampoo carpets to prevent wicking. Wicking is a process were dirt and stains buried deep in the carpet travel up the fibers and reappear as the carpet drys. Quickly drying the carpet with the Shop-Vac Professional Air Mover prevents thick wick-like action from occurring.

The Shop-Vac Professional Air Mover features a 3 speed air control, with 2 operating positions. It also features a top carry handle, a 10 ft. power cord, and is stack-able of convenient storage. Blow away week fans and move some serious air with the Shop-Vac Professional Air Mover.

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